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Capacity upto 250 Tonne

■ Sturdy, rigid and robust in construction.
■ Easy & simple in operation and maintenance.
■ Lever or switch-operated; semi-automatic single-cycle operation with inching facility.
Ejection / Die Cushioning arrangement may be provided as per customers' requirement.


Capacity upto 300 Tonne

Capacity upto 250 Tonne

■ Suitable for forming, straightening, bending operations on metal structural
sections, including rail.
■ Also suitable for making joints & crossings of railway track.
■ Provided with adjustable buffer on the main table and rollers
on both sides of the Press for easy handling of long and heavy materials.

Double-action power compacting 'c' type/ 4-pillar hydraulic press

Capacity upto 200 Tonne

■  Suitable for compacting powders, viz. Ceramic , glass, non-ferrous, graphite, sllicon etc.
■  Suitably designed for both laboratory and production uses.
■  Mode of operation is manual or single-cycle semi-automatic through push botton/PLC.

2/4- pillar hydraulic press (with / without ejection / die cushioning

Capacity upto 1000 Tonne

■   Sturdy, rigid and robust in construction
■   Suitable for any type of forming, pressing deep drawing etc. operations.
■   Ejection / Die cushoning system can also be incorporated.
■   Gate type construction with additional features is also available.

Electric / steam heated single / multi-daylight hot planet press

■   Suitable for moulding any type of thermosetting materials viz. robber, FRP, bakelite etc.
■   All controls are through either PLC or Electrical Relay/SSR.
■   Temperature of platen is accurately controlled through PID controller.
■   Ideal for both laboratory and industrial work.

Multi-daylight steam / eletrically heated platen press

Capacity upto 1000tonne

■   Suitable for making particle Boards from agro-waste, wood dust, wood/bamboo chips etc.

Portable hydravlic gadget (consisting of 2 nos. portable presses and 1 no.
power pack) suitable for assembly/dismantling of any fixtures, fittings
where direct application of lood is required.

■   This Godget can also be used for pre-fabrication straightening, fitting or holding
the job under pressure during fabrication.
■   The eqipment is operated through electric motor driven power pack, and can be used
independently simultaneousli.
■   This item is especially used in Railway Bogie Shops.


Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine suitable for testing chain, wire rope,
hook, 'D' shackle, chain pulley block and speciality Railway Safety Items
viz. draw hook, draw bar, screw coupling, shackles etc.

■ Available upto 350 tonne capacity suitable for handling different job length
from 0.5 Mtr. to 12 Mtr. with adjustable gap.
■ Load and Elongation indication by means of DRO through pressure transducer
and linear transducer, respectively.
■ For periodic calibration, suitable fixtures using compressive type proving
ring may be incorporated at the back of the cylinder on the machine.

■ Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine specifically suitable for Railway Safety
Items viz. draw hook, draw bar, screw coupling, shackles etc using suitable testing fixtures.
■ Capacity: 200 tonne. Gap: 1 Mtr. fixed fabricated structure, pull-back type
cylinder. Load and Elongation indicator by means of DRO through pressure
transducer and linear transducer, respectively.
■ For periodic calibration, suitable fixtures using compressive type proving
ring may be incorporated at the back of the cylinder on the machine.

Compression Testing Machine is suitable for testing sample blocks of concrete,
stone or other material viz. bridge bearing, metallistic mounting block where
some compression load testing is required.

■  Load indication either by analogue type indicator or by DRO through transducer.
Linear transducer may be provided for deflection indication.
■  Spring Testing Machine both for load deflection & scrag testing.
■  Fatigue Testing Machine.

Static bogie load testing machine

This testing machine is suitable for adjustment of various gaps/heights of bogies
under load during final adjustment and assembly of all types of Bogies i.e.ICF,IR20,
    Capacity: 50 Tonnes for 1 Axil Bogies.
                  100 Tonnes for 3 Axil Bogies.
    Our few Esteemed Buyers:BEML LTD (4Nos)
                                          RCF (3 Nos)
                                          L & T (1 No.)

All Testing Machines can be provided with stand alone Computer and Printer for
recording and plotting of load deflection graph. Other sophisticated facilities
may be incorporated in the computer system using suitable software.

■ This facility can be incorporated for other types of Hydraulic Presses, also.


■ Manual / Motorised Water-Hydraulic Test Pump suitable for pressure testing
vessel, valve, gas cylinder, hose etc., upto 400 Bar.
■ The unit is complete with all necessary valves and gauges, making it a compact
testing system.


■ Suitable for Industrial and Mobile application with mounting as per
customers' requirements.
■ CYLINDER is made of thick-walled seamless steel tube / forged ultrasonically
tested round.
■ RAM is made of forged high carbon steel, ultrasonically tested,
machined, ground and hard chrome surface finished.
■ SEALS are of best quality to suit
various application.


■ Telescopic cylinders suitable for high rise lifting platform, material
handling / earth moving equipment and any other industrial / special
purpose application.


Suitable for lifting/lowering of coaches/wagons during POH of Bogies and coaches/wagons.

■  Each set comprises 4 Nos Telescopic Jacks and 1 No centralised power pack &
other accessories suitable for operating 4 or 2 Jacks at a time.Provision to hold
coaches/wagons for longer period and also to prevent accident due to leakage in the line.

USER:All POH workshops of Indian Railways Specialist in design, development and
manufacture of Hydraulic power pack & system to suit customer's specific
requirement, maching International standards.

■  Using conventional or modular or cartridge type Hydraulic Components of internationally
reputed make depending on application.
■  "PEECO" Power Pack is compact in design ensuring low noise, low heat generation and long
trouble-free operation and easy maintenance.

Basic Components/features of "PEECO" Power pack

■ Prime Mover : Electric motor or Diesel/Petrol engine.
■ Pump : Single or multi-stage i.e. combination of high & low pressure/flow pump to achieve
various parameters.
■ Oil Tank : Fabricated type anti-corrosion treated as per international standard-provided
with all standard accessories viz. Cleaning door, baffle wall, drain-out, oil level gauge, air
breather-cum-filler, suction strainer, return line filter, pressure and
temperature gauge, etc.
■ Oil Cooler : Water/air circulating type heat exchanger.

Optional Accessories

Float switch : for low oil level indication through audiovisual signal/auto-stop of electric
Pressure switch : for additional protection of hydraulic system.
Thermostat : Will be fitted in the tank to protect the system against over-heating by stopping
the motor or starting the oil cooling system.
Filter Clogging : Audio - visual indication.
Chilling Plant : Air/Water circulation type chilling plant can be provided for cooling the system.
Pressure Indication : By means of Bourdon's tube type analogue gauge or digital display through
pressure transducer.
Proportional Valve : Hydraulic system may be designed and developed using electro-proporticnal
controlled valve for accurate control of flow and pressure.
Control Panel : May be provided along with Power pack to operate the system through either Relay
Logic or PLC.
* Off-life Cooling & Filteration system and Magnetic Separator.
* Stainless steel Oil Tank to minimise contamination also available.

Other "PEECO" Machines

■Vertical/Horizontal 'C1 type/Open Throat Hydraulic Press.
■2/4 Column vertical Down-Stroke Press with/without ejection by cushioning.
■Steam/Electrically heated Moulding Press.
■Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine.
■Compression Testing Machine.
■Single/Multi-Stage double acting Cylinder.
■High pressure water-Hydraulic motorised Test Pump.
■Custom-built as per required specifications


■ FRAME is mode of high quality ultrasonically tested steel,rigid and robust in design and construction.Frames are duly stress
relieved and welding joints are properly tested.The rigidity of the frame ensures minimum deflection for longer tool/die life

■ CYLINDER is mode of seamless steel tube / forged ultrasonically tested steel.The cylinder bore is accurately machined and
honed to achieve mirror surface finish to ensure very long seal life.

■ RAM is made of forged ultrasonically tested high carbon steel machine ground hard chrome plated.

■ SEAL is of high quality having very long and trouble-free life.

■ POWER PACK:best quality components including fittings are used.During hydraulic circut design,all necessary precautions
are taken care of for long and trouble-free operation.

■ CONTROL PANEL:All necessary precautions are taken care of during circuit design.Tested electrical components are used
to give trouble-free operation.